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Isn’t That Ionic

Chemistry is:
80% observing reactions,
10% bad puns, and
10% observing reactions to bad puns.

Shallow End

It was difficult to find a location for the World Cup final.

Run-On Sentence

Seriously, how close do you have to be with someone to finish each other’s sandwiches

Product iNtegration

After dropping $3 billion, it’ll be a while before Silicon Valley forgets about Dre.

Keep in Touch

5 years later, I’ve finally found a practical way to apply my undergraduate degree in psychology.

Tick Talk

I don’t hate small talk. I just prefer to fill the space with awkward silence until the other person leaves.

Skin Deep

The pharmaceutical industry is a sneaky business.
It’s almost like they’re drug dealers or something.

Safety Check

The only thing standing between you, and the better version of yourself, is insecurity. And also, maybe ghosts